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Year 15 Day 242 23:43
Hey. It's been roughly three days since I've submitted my character's 'handle'. Can I expect it to be reviewed anytime soon? :)

How would that delay affect 'first week achievements', do they really last only a week or is it just a common name?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Year 15 Day 243 6:08
There is no handle in the queue for your account, meaning it was most likely declined. Please check your email for a message containing the reason for the rejection and submit a new handle.

Please make sure to follow the handle rules at

Year 15 Day 243 7:08
The handle was approved by Jevon Lambright shortly before your answer. I appreciate your interest though.


Year 15 Day 246 2:08
Jade Rain
Jade Rain

I'm waiting on approval for "Rainning Rainn"
I don't know why "Rainning Rain" was rejected.
Its not a bad name and follows the rules.

How long does the approval process take ?
I *would* like to actually use the game .....
assuming I can get past character creation
that is.


Edited By: Jade Rain on Year 15 Day 246 2:08
Year 15 Day 246 8:53
It doesn't follow the rules; it's a (slightly misspelled) phrase that doesn't sound like a name. See Rule #6 on the Character Creation rules.

If there is no account appearing as a multi with yours, or you are not registering as a multi with someone, account approval always takes under a day, usually only a few hours, depending when someone logs on and can check. With a multi it can take a few days since only ASims review those.