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Archives » Give it to me straight, doc. Just how bad is it?
Just out of general interest, and for class warfare planning purposes fun.

What percentage of active members are force sensitive at this point?

That's just one of those things that seems like a good thing to put some kind of SWC factoid page or info graphic, along with burning questions like "How many active players would not be recognized by their parents?" (Race changes), "How many Holes in One since Day 1?"(People swallowed by black holes), "How many live Physalis Berry Monsters may be in a Physalis Berry Shake before the admins step in?", a "Days without being Ransomed" counter for Seele (itsa joke!) and so on...

Does any of that get tracked anywhere?


No it doesn't get tracked anywhere. Seems like FS players are more likely to stay active, or maybe it's that people who stay active longer are also more likely to become FS, and we've had a FS reroll that didn't remove anyone's FS but did enable more people to become FS, so I wouldn't be surprised if the number were at least 10-15% if not higher.

It's just a constantly moving number if you are basing it on only active members since the server recognizes "active" as "logged in within the last week." We have totals for race changes from the Metamorphosis Plague event but there's nothing currently tracking subsequent race changes either.