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Archives » A question from Mayet Mado.
Year 15 Day 249 19:24
Greetings all this is Mayet Mado I recently made a post in this thread about the willing of your staff and patrons to allow me to return to the SWC flock. After a few of my spies in your organization have told me about several incidents of other players who were permanently banned being allowed back in to Star Wars combine. now some of my spies who have relate messages to me for the last couple of months have told me how liberal you have been with a few players who have been� let�s just say, done questionable deeds to other players in the universe. And truly once hearing of these deeds and what they have done and how you�ve dealt with them. Have made me question the wisdom of a permanent ban for me.

Now I�d like to go through some of the crimes or reasons why you permanent band me

1. �what you said that I was disrupting the community.� Personally I thought I was mixing it up a little something that this Community truly needs sometimes.

2. �you stated I was trolling� personally no I wasn�t I was picking my targets who attacked me first, I was always taught never let a slight go on punished. Especially from someone who thinks they�re better than you. unlike trolling, I always believed that asymmetrical attacks on a person are so much better and they will remember it for years to come.

3. �I�ve had three illegal characters on SWC� you see unlike most people I believe that you should experience the full effect of the game and one part of the game is playing illegal characters to truly see how far you could take that character or how long you can play that character, you see my mentor in the game thought it would be good for me to do some illegal characters. I won�t mention the name of my mentor but I�m sure people already know who it was.

3a. My first illegal character, I pretended the person was from China and I played it for about six months. Totally change writing styles, also was very cautious not to get into any arguments with certain personalities that seem to gravitate to arguments in SWC then I got bored with it and moved on to a different character

3b. My second illegal character was slightly more looser I would give out slight clues to betrayed the character but still not many people realize that was an illegal character of mine for months but I knew once I started to question morals of certain people who are behind the scenes of this game the characters days were numbered and thought it was funny when I immediately mentioned that a person who has cybersex in SWC and who is married is committing adultery. about 10 minutes later I got a DM asking me �did I know of a character named Mayet Mado� I answered the DM like this �indeed I do and did I do�

3c. Now the third illegal character that I had I only had it for about an hour. Now once I got the information I needed I immediately went over to a friend that was talking about Michael character then declared myself a illegal character in the thread it was immediately band without even a question.

Now you must understand I do not do these things out of spite, I do it because it amuses me. And I understand people do not like being the brunt of a joke. And feel that they need to be respected. I truly do understand this and I truly respect all of you as people. When I play role-playing games I truly like playing as a method player and let the character role as a goes. And do not wish to be reminded of my real life. I know people who have died of horrific deaths. I live with a pending disaster in my own family, also great upheavals surrounding me in my community.

Now I have never done anything illegal against another player in this game. And now since I know of certain players who have been allowed back into the game who have had permanent bands I thought it would be time to ask if I could come back to play. And truly the only thing I can promise is that I will do my best not too upset certain players that do not like me or my playing style. Now I have made a player ticket. And sent it in but got no response other then. Go to hell I will not submit this. Clearly this must be a mistake. So I thought I just come here and asked politely again. To have you reverse my permanent ban

And once again thank you for your time Mayet Mado

Year 15 Day 249 20:00
You should make a support ticket to request a ban to be lifted.


Year 15 Day 249 20:51
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
I for one hope they never allow your cheating ass back.



Year 15 Day 249 21:18
Rules are in place for a reason, whatever they may be. Regardless of what benign activities you may think you have taken part in, the simple fact is that you just confessed to having at least 3 illegal multies in the past. By that account alone you are deserving of a permaban. Sure this game needs to be shaken up a bit from time to time, but do it within the framework of the game. If your "Mentor" is who I think it is, she was awesome, and knew how to shake things up (in my humble opinion). You're simply trying too hard. A Cheater Is A Cheater no matter how you want to rationalize it, and quite frankly I believe this thread should be deleted, as you technically don't exist...


Year 15 Day 249 21:30
Support ticket