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Year 15 Day 251 11:48
Hello, I sent (madeover) ship to an Artist ,to make custom image for, who turns got banned for multi account .One ship was done and returned, the other Not.
245 Year 15 Day 231, 11:42 You have sent Phlar Vran the following 2 ships:
- Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 For Sale (ID# 278508)
- YT-1300 For Sale (ID# 286030)
Reason: To apply custom .

I guess I can write off , But I also wonder Now about entering Business deals like this and getting Locks/Doors installed..

My question is will I still be able to get my items off that ship or is that stuff lost also ?

Year 15 Day 251 15:56
As long as your still on the crew list or have access (commander/pilot) you can get your stuff back. The trouble is finding your ship (unless it's still where you left it).


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Year 15 Day 251 16:23
Since is the guy who got permabanned, I'd suggest putting in a support ticket to explain the situation. There have been cases in the past where transactions were undone especially if it looks like an illegal account was used for something like that. No guarantee, since I don't know the situation, but an asim will certainly check it out for you.



Year 15 Day 251 18:45
Thanks SYN, will do that .


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Year 15 Day 251 23:54
In the future keep in mind you do not need to makeover to have a custom assigned.

:: Custom Images ::
Custom images are personal paint jobs that you can apply to existing ships, vehicles, items, droids, space stations, NPCs, creatures and rooms. You must either be owner or commander of the entity to apply customs.

Year 15 Day 253 5:56
And for locks/door manager privileges will be able (required even?) to do them, no need for makeover


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