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Jailen Rasht
Jailen Rasht
Been trying to find out the skill requirements for the starting positions in the galactic empire. Not on website. Plz help

Most factions don't have strict skill requirements, just recommendations at best. You can contact one of their recruiters, but I doubt they'd decline you on the basis of skills. I do recall seeing a document posted in their document library detailing recommended skills for different positions of theirs, but an Imperial would probably have to help you locate it.



Ben Camden
Ben Camden
The document seems to have had its access requirements changed, so only GE members can view it.

I'd DM my questions to one of the recruitment liaisons, as Syn suggests, if I were you. They are: Dratt Darkstar and Navarro De Molay.

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Senior Governor Ben Camden
Regional Government
Dratt Darkstar
Dratt Darkstar
With the ability for new characters being able to reset their skills before they reach level three, I believe it was deemed unnecessary to have that document visible to the public. Once a new character joins the Galactic Empire, they can then get access to that document.


Bureau Chief Dratt Darkstar
Chief of the Bureau of Analysis
Recuitment Support Officer
Still appears to be public. It's here:

Galactic Empire Skill Requirments

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