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Year 15 Day 265 20:10
Wann Eras
Wann Eras
So, if you level up a scout with 5 perception, what benefit is there to that rather than just equipping a rifleman or MCT with macro binos? Does perception give any extra sensor range on top of the binos?




Wann Eras (Wanne'ras)
Year 15 Day 266 0:13
sensor range=3+perception skill+macrobinoculars(5)

Year 15 Day 266 15:26
Wann Eras
Wann Eras
Wait so the sensor range from binos and perception is cumulative? That's great!

Thanks for clarifying about the whole "+3" bit, it did always confuse me why my scouts could see so far with their own eyes.


Wann Eras (Wanne'ras)
Year 15 Day 267 7:45
Just on the subject;
While I use Scouts + Macros + Sensor pack for the hunting, I've found that the Scouts should be personally owned, and that you can then "Friend" factions etc. so that the sensors are properly shared. If the Scout is Faction-owned, and you happen to be in a NAT, you're SOL for sharing sensors.

Also, passing on a tip from Az: The NPC-Shop K4 droids are cheap, so it's possibly more economical (especially come full-on combat when your scouts will be killable) to just buy a bunch of them, carry them around Crated, and dump them around a few empty slabs you'll bounce between.

14,008 each, sensor range would be 3 (cause no perception), so you'd need ohhh... 16? to fully cover it. Maybe less if you take more time to finegle the sensors. Like 225k per slab.

Also: Sensor Calc Google Sheet
Just does the one sensor vision right now, so you'd need to do the overlaying yourself elsewhere.

Year 15 Day 267 12:53
You'll need more K4 droids per slab. It was some time since I've used those, but am pretty sure that it was more than 20 per slab for full coverage. Since K4 droids have 0 perception and thus 3 vision range, you must count in that those 3 is just in cross section, and you will not have corners covered. So, practically, they can cover just 4x4 square each. And since terrains are 21x21 squares, you will need some 25 K4 droids. Again, if I remember it correctly, did not use those for half year, or so.

Year 15 Day 267 16:05
Would be a 5x5 grid, but yeah 25 is correct for ABSOLUTE full coverage. "VisionRange" (3) in each direction (N,E,W,S). So 350k or so.

They changed the Sensor rules ohhhh... Sometime last year? Probably sometime around Y14D53.

Sensor Power: Don't actually have the equation in the Rules for this.

I believe it's VisionRange / SQRT(dx^2 + dy^2)
where dx is the difference in x between the source and the square we're measuring the power in, and dy is the difference in y between the source and the square we're measuring.

EG: Visionrange 3 placed at (9,8) probably has sensor power of:

Might be slightly different (ie inner ring of 9 might round up to 2 even if it's < 1.5). Without ECM working I dunno how to test that.

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