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Year 15 Day 270 12:55
Any player can add an unconscious player to their party, and a Bacta Tank can be used to heal them above 0 HP.

- Life and Death Rules

So, if I was on Derra and I lose consciousness after a battle, someone could add me to their party?

Year 15 Day 270 13:43
I give you an A on your reading comprehension.

Year 15 Day 270 14:03
The reason I ask is because I never heard of anyone being captured as a result of being rendered unconscious.

Year 15 Day 270 14:18
Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike
PCs stop taking damage at 1HP due to combat at the moment.. on Derra or anywhere in the galaxy.



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Year 15 Day 270 15:46
Raidan is correct that right now its impossible to become unconscious. So the rules are right, the ability is merely disabled on Derra. And I do believe everywhere else.

Year 15 Day 271 2:03
I'd add its impossible to become unconscious from combat.

However, if you are at 1HP and then take environmental damage or get hit by falling doors (when failing on upgrading them), it could take you below 1HP.


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Year 15 Day 272 13:20
The admins would also likely release anyone captured on Derra in such a way (but as Jevon said it's not possible) because that is counterintuitive to the entire point of us wanting to encourage people to go to Derra and test Combat without worrying about losing their characters (the same reason we don't allow Derra to be used as "bait" for A/E traps).

Year 15 Day 274 14:25
Dratt Darkstar
Dratt Darkstar
As pretty much of what Mikel said, the Admins would most likely penalize sometime trying to capture another, on Derra, in such a way. And of course return the captured person.


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