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Year 15 Day 280 17:16
How does one find new planets?

Do I go to an sector of empty space and scan then move to another empty sector and scan again?

Year 15 Day 280 17:22
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Just travel to a deep space if there is one there it will automatically show


Year 15 Day 281 0:42
Year 15 Day 282 15:57
How does one put a claim or businesses on an unclaimed world?

Year 15 Day 282 16:27
Create a city and build in it. So if you're planet-hunting you'll want to make sure you have a freighter of raw materials nearby to build with.



Year 15 Day 282 18:22
Bear in mind that if you are just working on your own, only factions can technically claim a planet in the game engine - a person can 'own' a planet by slabbing all the terrain squares so no-one else can build there. However a medium to large sized planet would be very hard to completely slab in the 7 days you have after finding it before it becomes visible to everyone else.

Also, city slabs without any facilities on them will disappear after 3 months as well, so you will have to make sure you have sufficient RMs to build stuff.


Year 16 Day 11 7:02
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Year 16 Day 24 20:09
Refresh my memory..I just need to build a PG to secure the city from decay? or any small facility (park/statue).


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Year 16 Day 24 20:22
Any facility built on the slab will prevent city decay.


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Year 16 Day 24 22:42
Doesn't even have to be fully built. You can start and pause it.