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Year 15 Day 283 13:04
Emmerich Becquerel
Emmerich Becquerel
So I actually was going to post this as a question + suggested modification, but in glancing over the suggestions rules it seems A/E has been added to the list of restricted topics since PvP combat is coming SoonTM.

So, merely a question:

According to the Rules, if your quarry chooses to Fight you, the primary and secondary skills are Strength and max(PW,NPW), respectively.

This makes little sense to me; shouldn't it be the maximum of (Str + 0.5 NPW) or (Dex + 0.5 PW), since those are the respective combat skills and that mirrors how to-hit accuracy is calculated? More directly, why is Strength used alongside Projectile Weapons? Was this deliberate, an oversight, or was there some other motivation behind this?

Just curious; thanks in advance for any enlightenment!

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Year 15 Day 283 14:31
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
It is max Strength and half of (PW/NPW) ((And it goes by which one of those 2 have a higher skill level))



Year 15 Day 283 15:32
Emmerich Becquerel
Emmerich Becquerel
Yes; as I clearly expressed above, I understand how the rules work.

My question was a specific one with regards to why they were implemented that way.

Year 15 Day 283 16:36
Thali`a N`ightshade
Thali`a N`ightshade
I think if the coders have used a basic for each defence against A/E.

So, Strength plus a weapon is fight skill

Management and Dip/Trading for talk

To try and throw too many into the mix would be too much hard work, way too confusing and near impossible for anyone to have an overall A/E defence.

Orrrrrr I could be way off


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Year 15 Day 283 17:10
Emmerich Becquerel
Emmerich Becquerel
And I guess that's the crux of my question. Ordinarily, when a feature that seems like a logical idea is not implemented, it is because it would take too much work to get working or to do properly.

But changing the A/E rules to accommodate Dex with PW would be a simple change to a single line of code.

From Str + 0.5 * max (PW, NPW) to max ( (Str + 0.5 * NPW), (Dex + 0.5 * PW) ).

But I could totally see it being for game-balance reasons if it were written in with an older Rules set in mind, or if it were in anticipation of some future mechanic or Rules change. I was just curious to see if I could get a definitive answer.

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Year 15 Day 283 18:57
The A/E code whats always been described to me, by coders, as one of the most complicated, dirty, and hellish code base to ever exist in this game. They really hate going in and changing things. In addition, as the A/E system is seriously flawed and hopefully an eventually useless code block, its rather pointless to change something that was written long, long before anyone knew dexterity was going to be an active combat stat.

Year 15 Day 283 20:14
Yes it might make sense but it was made years ago when ground combat as but a twinkle in Zhao's eye. A/E has always been a flawed system.


Year 15 Day 283 20:17
Emmerich Becquerel
Emmerich Becquerel
I suspected the lack of any Rules changes may have had something to do with A/E being eventually obsolesced by combat, but I really wouldn't have guessed the codebase for the particular mechanic could be that gnarly.

Thank you very much for a quick, direct, and detailed answer!

Year 15 Day 284 10:03
It wouldn't be that hard to change the skill used, but we're simply not going to.

Year 15 Day 297 9:55
And now we have the crux of both question and answer. Dex is part of the run one too I think, in addition to being pretty vital in hunting so all the min-max type players (almost all the A/E specialists) would max Dex.


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Year 15 Day 297 23:44
Dex is used in hide, not run. But A/E was implemented long before ground combat, and it really wouldn't be fair to suddenly change the A/E skills around on people. And as mentioned, A/E is not intended to function this way permanently, and making needless changes to a placeholder will only serve to frustrate the players it will affect (which is likely to be a considerable percentage of the playerbase; anyone at all who set at least a few skills with A/E defense in mind and doesn't have everything maxed).