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Year 15 Day 289 21:44
OOC: I have been imprisoned by my former faction due to inactivity. for about the last year i have been battling seizures and finally have them under control. During which time my handle was removed to a secure prison vessel for "my protection" i have spent about the last week contacting everybody and anybody, however the only one that can release me has gone inactive and has been for the last week... i was informed that he is military IRL and that may be causing the mass delay in his activity, is it possible for admin to help me with this predicament, i feel that if one should have the power to imprison a handle that their personal life should not determine the length of confinement...for instance what if the player passes away or just quits SWC and leaves multiple handles imprisoned.... (speaking in character) please, i beg of thee to aid me , for i have assets to collect and the longer i am imprisoned the more vulnerable these assets become

Year 15 Day 289 22:21
Being taken care of



Year 15 Day 290 10:45
Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
for refrence, its my ship and i have been in no way inactive, it just took him a while to contact me (the DM arrived yesterday and the first coms about it only the day after that)

if an admin or something is dealing with it then i have no objections to him being moved off, else ill be going over to let him off as soon as i can

Year 15 Day 290 13:08
Nope, we were helping him with who to contact. Needs to be worked out IC though.