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Year 15 Day 290 4:03
"Faction Shortcut (usually 2-4 letters long)"

I'm pretty sure it used to be used for site redirects (like nao.swcombine.com was once a thing that redirected to... I'm guessing the old New Anzat Order site? Possibly their faction page. I honestly can't recall), but does it still have a purpose?

Year 15 Day 290 4:54
I thought it was introduced a year or so back so people could more easily find out what faction people meant when they used those sorts of abbreviations - never realised that they had a coded function.


Year 15 Day 290 9:34
I never noticed the shortcut would show anywhere.


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Year 15 Day 290 11:12
Ellias, it was around back when I first took over the NAO (and was already set to NAO). As Lilith said, it also doesn't show anywhere, so how could anyone use it to find out the "official" abbreviations?

Just trying to determine if it still has a purpose, if the purpose is broken, or if it's a remnant that was never purged from the code.

Year 15 Day 290 13:09
I didn't even think the subdomain redirect functionality had ever been implemented at all, but that was the original intended purpose. Hasn't got one currently.