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Year 15 Day 295 6:29
I am about to start working towards completing as many of my achievements as possible (I know I will not be a faction leader or second in command any time soon), but had questions on 3 of the last achievements. Does anyone have any info on "Something Artifact", "Life Day Event", or "3 Simple Rules"? I have found a couple of thread in the archives stating that some of these may not be implemented yet, but that thread was over a year and a half old. Has anyone completed these acheivements and able to impart some wisdom on how to get started with them? Thanks

Year 15 Day 295 6:50
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
"Life day event" was a Christmas one where you had to go into a personal resident and talk to Santa Claus. So that one can not be done atm (not sure if you will be able to do it this year or not).



Year 15 Day 295 6:51
Awesome. Thanks for that info.

Year 15 Day 296 11:17
I stand with Mr. Komad in asking about Something Artifact & 3 Simple Rules.
I have a feeling that the "Artifact" deals with the Quest Words. Not totally sure though.
And what are the "3 Simple Rules"? Because apparemtly I couldn't follow them...
Thanks! Cheers!


Year 15 Day 296 11:25
Artifact and 3 Simple Rules are for completing specific quests that don't exist.



Year 15 Day 298 6:09
Thanks Syn. Figured it was something like that.