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Year 15 Day 300 7:40
A question I could find no answer for in the Rules or Guide:

When you attack creatures or bandits, they get an automatic counterattack and then they go on the offensive (or run away).

If you are too far away for them to hit, will they automatically try to move into firing range? What if they can't see you? Will they still move directly to you, will they move randomly, will they stand still? Is Perception even implemented for bandits/creatures?

Year 15 Day 300 11:10
Currently NPCs and creatures do not move towards you to attack, i.e. go on the offensive. They just fire back when you attack, i.e. counterattack. If you are out of their range, they cannot hurt you. Their movement is currently random. The offensive function is is supposed to be implemented later.

Year 15 Day 300 13:32
Caeda Rastyk
Caeda Rastyk
They do just straight attack you if you're in range as well.

Year 15 Day 300 20:00
They will offensively attack you on Derra. Anywhere else they ignore you unless you attack them, then if they are in range they will fight back. If not they will just continue on their way.

Year 15 Day 301 9:02
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
Also Bandits do not move from there original location any where other then Derra. So if you have a long range rifle you can shoot them and they can not do anything about it (unless on of them also has a long range rifle).

Creatures walk around at random so you might have to move to get back with in range for them.