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Year 15 Day 304 22:02
If you cannot click this button please double check that you have spent all skill points. All 'Points Remaining' fields must beĀ 0.

That's what it says. .. :S I can however click the button but nothing happens.

First of my friend told me I didn't have to spend all points, so I tried to save some points for when I leveled for stats I actually want. That didn't work so then I tried spending all and it still didn't work.

My guess it might be because I'm on my phone and it doesn't seem all that phone friendly but just wanted to asknote in case by the time I got home it was actually something else that I was doing wrong.


Year 15 Day 305 0:10
During the "Assign Skill Points" phase of character creation you do have to spend all your points. There are five skill groups -- General, Space, Ground, Social and Science -- which can be arranged to your preference. Such as moving the Ground skill group up to replace the General skill group which will allow you to spend 14 skill points in that group and reducing the amount of skill points you can assign to general.

In the character creation page each skill group has a certain amount of skill points that need to be spent. Once the "Points Remaining" of that skill group, which is listed at the bottom of the skill group, is reduced to zero then you have finished assigning skill points to that group. Once all the skill groups have their "Points Remaining" reduced to zero, exactly zero, you can proceed to the next step of character creation.

Next, what your friend told you only works for skill points you gain while you level. For example, you finished creating your character and you gain enough experience to get to level 2. That skill point you do not have to spend. Those you can save as long as you wish and spend them in any amounts you wish.

All of this is with the assumption that you are trying to spend or save skill points with character creation because I have not encountered that outside of character creation. Finally, you can request a reset of all your skill points, and redo character creation, when are under level 3. Meaning at level 1 or 2.

Year 15 Day 305 6:00
Well it worked on the pc, with all stats spend. I started a long time ago and just recently come back. At the time I started I don't think stats were out yet or I dunno but my character is already level 5 and didn't really wanna spend points of things I didn't really want. Oh well


Year 15 Day 305 8:00
So you were required to spend all your skill points; the character creation points and the ones from when you leveled up before you could progress?

Within the last few years there was a skill reset so that is most likely why your skills were reset then. The way it is supposed to work is all of your skills would be reset and refunded which would require you to go through the character creation and assign your skill points phase again. However, it should only force you to spend your character creation skill points and not the ones you gained from leveling up.

Year 15 Day 305 16:17
Oh well, they are spent now xD thanks for your reaponse anyways. Either way it seems it was because of the phone,.


Year 15 Day 305 18:04
Yeah, because of the touchscreen some of the pages don't work correctly on a phone.


Year 15 Day 305 22:17
One possibility is for you to open a support ticket to see if you could have your skills reset. Since it was caused by a problem with the Combine interface rather than your fault. Then if a reset is given all you need to remember is to use a computer rather than your phone.

Edited By: Gwen Leor on Year 15 Day 305 22:19