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General Questions » PROBLEM: My name hasn't been approved yet!
Handles are processed manually by the staff. Most handles will take under 12 hours (generally much less) for approval. However, if you display as a multi with another user (either due to sharing an IP with someone else, or because you listed someone as a multi), this is handled by an ASim and not by the regular Join Team staff, and will often take longer for review. This also means you will need to submit a Support Ticket (http://support.swcombine.com) and list your multis and your pending handle so you can be accepted and registered as a multi with the other players who share your connection.

If your handle is still pending after a few days and you have a multi, please contact one of the Assistant Simmasters on Discord (yellow names). If your handle is still pending and you are not sure whether or not you have a multi, contact any Join Team member and they will let you know (they are listed on the Character Creation (Protected Handles - NOTE) rules).

If your handle request has disappeared, chances are it has been declined, and you will need to submit a different handle for approval which follow the Character Creation (Handle) rules (Clicky).

If it has been approved, you will see "APPROVED" written on the page in green. This means you can go ahead and create your character.

If you have any problems with your handle and the above resources have not been useful to you, please submit a Support Ticket (http://support.swcombine.com) where someone can look into it for you.

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