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Year 15 Day 309 0:27
Neither Need nor Greed :) But will there be some veteran's reward for players that have been with the combine for say ten years. Like some unique ship, that is more an honour thing rather than a combat/trade/travel advantage. Like a protected rare ship.


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Year 15 Day 309 3:01
Pretty sure they need to be earned, bought..or stolen.


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Year 15 Day 309 4:28
No rewards for veterans.

There are few unique and modded ships floating around, but those were generally the result of Red Scenarios. A few of the unique ships, like the Black Sun's Darkstar were given to them at the beginning of the game as a flagship. A lot of ships were also modded during the old community games.

These are all things veterans had access to, because they happened a long time ago. They weren't, however, given out as rewards specifically to vets.



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Year 15 Day 309 4:59
I dont see why we would need rewards for long term players, it just creates another level of elitism between old and new players, and we should be working more to make things at least somewhat more equal access, not say "you've been playing for X years, so here, have a freebie."

Year 15 Day 309 9:01
No freebies, sorry.

Maybe an achievement though!

(Sidenote/correction: there was a one-time vet bonus of XP granted in early Year 2, where a quantity of XP was handed out based on how long everyone had been around, starting at 3 weeks.. I suppose the rationale was that SWSIM people hadn't gotten XP during that time, but these days the quantities are nearly negligible anyway compared to what you can gain from combat)

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