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Year 15 Day 309 10:17
I am an items faction trying to produce droid parts. It keeps saying that the manager cannot produce that entity. I know the droid parts are an items dc as they are listed under items, but being droid parts do they have to be produced by droid factions? I have checked everything pertaining to production. And the items faction is the manager, so I am stick on where to go. Any help is appreciated.


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Year 15 Day 309 10:43
How about this:

Find droid parts, then check Affiliation(on right side) and you will see what factions can produce those. All are droid producers.

Year 15 Day 309 10:50
Affiliation doesn't show who can produce something, only who can assign the data card. Government factions, for example, often have data cards they can assign but they can't produce them directly.

In this case, yeah, droid factions do produce droid parts. The information is in the sync report but still not on a rules page yet. I'll put a guide page together this weekend.



Year 15 Day 309 11:05
Oh, yes, silly me. He had to know who are DC owners, some of them had to assign those DCs to his factories.

Year 15 Day 309 11:54
Thank you.


It's who you surround yourself with, that defines you.