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Year 15 Day 326 18:47
Tried to register for the game 12 days ago but haven't gotten any responses yet about approval. Emailed Erek and also sent in a ticket. Traveling for work, so would be playing on hotel wi-fi (if that matters) most of the time. Also, often on the same wifi as my boyfriend (who plays swcombine) when I am at my home or his home. Haven't gotten any e-mail responses from either the ticket or Erek. My bf has also submitted tickets about it.

Is there anything else that I need to do in order to sign up for the game? Or does it just take a few weeks for multi to be approved?

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Year 15 Day 326 19:28
Support ticket should be sufficient. I shall point Erek this way to expedite the process. Not sure why it would take so long.



Year 15 Day 326 20:13
I have accepted our handle a few times; when you are checking if it has been accepted, make sure you are not reloading an old page (Darkness gets twitchy when you reload pages with actions).

I just accepted you again, so once you log in fresh you can create a character by clicking on the cartoon head below the log out button.


May your path be swift, and your pockets heavy:

Year 15 Day 327 13:45
Ah okay, thanks! Yeah, I had the page bookmarked so I could check whether it had gotten approval, I guess it must have bugged and not shown the approval. Just received the e-mail and the status on the site is updated. Thank you both for your help! :)

Year 15 Day 341 18:32
same issue for me. I can't read messages on here and there is nothing in my email yet. I was really wanting to try this game out, am I going to get to play? is there anything else I need to do?

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~Agen Zur
Year 15 Day 341 22:08
As long as you've already submitted a support ticket to register as multis, Erek should tend to it soon.



Year 15 Day 342 8:33
were did it say my ticket number to check it's status?


~Agen Zur
Year 15 Day 342 8:55
It doesn't actually give you the number until it gets replied to.

Year 15 Day 342 16:42
how long does that take?


~Agen Zur
Year 15 Day 342 19:44
He said he did them in the past hour.



Year 16 Day 11 3:32
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