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Year 7 Day 125 13:47
I am currently in Inside the Starport NMI Mineral Storage, There is no entrance/exit. I am in docking bay 1041270. I Landed and entered now I can't get out. I walked every room, there is no entrance, so I can't unboard nor find my ship in the docking bay.


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.
Year 7 Day 125 19:06
Metuki Ryuujin
Metuki Ryuujin
-makes note to never hire him for a transport job-


Year 7 Day 125 20:04
Metuki Ryuujin..what does this have to do with Transport? Nothing!..it's a bug..and I don't like the idea of giving out my e-mail to log into the bug tracker.


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.
Year 7 Day 126 3:01
hmm...Looks like i got me a prisoner. lol

You have been to the docking bay and can't find your ship? You sure it wasn't taken by the true owners?


Ah, don't mind me man...just messing around.


Year 7 Day 126 3:25

want me to go arrest him for ya Jeff?

Year 7 Day 126 16:35
Kyle Rainer
Kyle Rainer
Believe Khan fixed this. Confirm if you can get out now.

Year 7 Day 129 20:26
Lexxa Sunnar
Lexxa Sunnar
Now, now MR.Corbin..it's not nice to tease my little Givin Pilot..he does my best work..when not caught in a snaffoo of a bug. LOL. Yes the problem was fixed. But I guess there was another problem he was having.


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