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Archives » Can owned items disappear from players inventories? (Without being made over)
Jalyn Wendonai
Jalyn Wendonai
I won an auction on darkness market for ownership of an IRG set.
I had sent messages to try and gain possession of the items or have them paid for, but suddenly the items were no longer in my inventory.
How does this happen?
I thought the claim button only works for unowned items.
If that is true, is this a bug that allowed it or some kind of exploit?
Xid Quizan picked up and equipped the armor after I had sent a message to Xakic Jix about my gaining ownership from darkness market. It was originally on an ASO ship when the auction ended so I contacted their leader.
I had changed the name of the irg set to "please place in orbit or buy from owner" and after about 3 days it's not in my inventory and I never made it over to anyone.

Sounds like Xakic Jix (or one of his henchmen) equip the armour to an NPC then killed it (possibly in Derra, Idk if execution works the same way with items as combat does) thus deleting the armour. This isn't a bug. It's the way death was intended to work.

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Jalyn Wendonai
Jalyn Wendonai
So then items aren't worth bidding on due to douche-baggery like this.
Got it.
Sucks there's no way around this and I can't get reimbursed.
Hopefully he decides to correct it. Though I doubt it if he's responsible for this.

Yeah in general items aren't worth bidding on on the NPC market since the odds of actually getting possession of them is generally extremely slim. Best to buy items from Centrepoint Market or from people directly.

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Xakic Jix
Deleted by Syn. Reason: Watch your language in the problem centre. If you don't want to be helpful, don't post.
Jalyn Wendonai
Jalyn Wendonai
Seems you're simply not to be trusted.
You've been on lots since even though you claim to be waiting for an internet connection, and this "Xid Quizan" doesn't exist anymore.
Still giving you opportunity to fix it, but it seems you want to place blame on my impatience, as sending a dm with a phone is just as easy as with a computer.
You can still fix this or you can consider it closed.
Just going to be a bit harder to change your reputation. Or that you want to change it, believable.

Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
My apologies Syn.

Now Mr.Wendonia, the item in question was aboard an ASO ship and there for belongs to ASO. You contacted me right in the middle of a rl move, where I had limited internet access and limited time to get online for that matter. I told you this and said I would need a few days (as it stands it will be some time Monday). Now you come on here....
Chances are the armor was placed on a NPC and it was killed. As far as the charge you are wanting for it... the answer is no. You would have been charged for it's safe return anyway.



Buying an item off of the NPC Market is a pretty large risk since it's unlikely you'll ever actually retrieve it. Items are the easiest asset to steal, as they do not require assignment to manipulate (e.g. ships). Xakic is not required to give you your item simply because you purchased it from a market and sent him a message. This doesn't reflect his reputation in any way - even I have items that don't belong to me in the database, but I still technically own because I maintain physical possession.

You may have purchased OOC database ownership, but Xakic/ASO had physical ownership IC.


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Jalyn Wendonai
Jalyn Wendonai
Doesn't matter now.
This is done and can be closed.
Sorry for any misunderstanding or miscommunications as it sounds Tomas was trying to spell out.