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Archives » Custom NPCs Spawning Restricted
Year 15 Day 339 9:13
Ruben Wan
Ruben Wan
Hello all,

it is a long time since I spawned a custom NPC and today I've just noticed that rules have changed in the meanwhile.

Now, I must be in a Workers Compound, there is a 3 per week limit, and they are approved on Sundays.

May I know why this has become so restrictive? Not many people in the NPC team to approve requests, perhaps?

Because since Custom NPCs can be used (and are mostly used) for "family members" or "friends" of the PC, what is the rationale of having them spawn in Workers Compounds?

Thank you in advance for your replies.



Ruben Wan

Year 15 Day 339 14:08
If I recall correctly it was restricted to prevent users from using CPs to spawn in an entire army since combat is getting closer.

Year 15 Day 339 17:14
It was done to reduce the possibility for people to spawn armies of NPCs (even if they wouldn't be that great) in hyper or wherever.

As for only being accepted on Sunday, that is not true. Admittedly I check them only occasionally but that is because there are generally only a handful every few weeks. You can 'spawn'/request them at the workers compound, but once accepted will appear wherever you are (I've been informed), so you don't have to remain there until accepted.


Year 15 Day 340 5:19
Ruben Wan
Ruben Wan
Thank you very much to both of you.

It is always very sad to learn that good things in game are changed due to the selected few who exploit the features inappropriately.

As written in the Exchange CP page:
Custom NPCs are for RP purposes only, and will not be able to carry out NPC type specific work. Custom NPCs come with the ability to generate custom NPC Conversations scripts.  

I do hope in the future such people are banned, or their assets seized by the admins, or whatever, anything provided that aspects of the game don't become more restrictive for the most players.

Because here the "punishment" is for the other players who didn't do that. But that's another story.

Edited By: Ruben Wan on Year 15 Day 340 5:20

Ruben Wan