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Year 7 Day 126 7:35
Amrod Anarion
Amrod Anarion
How can I Know if the owner of a city is a NPC or a player in the galaxy map?

Thank u! ;P

Year 7 Day 126 19:04
As a general rule (and it's not always the truth) if the majority of buildings are owned by one person/group, that person/group owns the city too. Try scanning buildings, and see what results you get. If they're NPC buildings (and I'm not sure how those come up in a scan) then the city is going to be NPC.


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Year 7 Day 126 21:15
Kyle Rainer
Kyle Rainer
They should say NPC as the owner in a scan.

Year 7 Day 127 1:18
Hexx Harpy
Hexx Harpy
If I understand your question correctly, you want to know how you can tell from the galaxy map.
The answer to that is: you cannot. From the galaxy map, you cannot even find out the name of the owner, NPC or not.


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Year 7 Day 127 8:42
Amrod Anarion
Amrod Anarion
Hexx, your answer is ok...

Thank u