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Year 7 Day 126 10:24
Fanda Suba
Fanda Suba
is it possible to kill myself if so tell me i realy wan to go bye bye

Edited By: Fanda Suba on Year 7 Day 126 10:26
Year 7 Day 126 10:36
Jim Nilo
Jim Nilo
Fly into a star...

Year 7 Day 126 11:39
Fanda Suba
Fanda Suba
is thre another way witout being in a ship

Edited By: Fanda Suba on Year 7 Day 126 11:40
Year 7 Day 126 11:43
Contact a faction to Arrest and Execute you. That is the only other way



Uber Fishyness
Year 7 Day 126 11:44
Fanda Suba
Fanda Suba
thanks both of you

Year 7 Day 126 13:06
If you just don't want to play the game anymore (instead of creating a new character), you can also just stop logging in.


Year 7 Day 126 14:51
Bryce Armadala
Bryce Armadala
Or there is this 3 week respawn thing where if your stuck in a situation and you can't get out for three weeks, they will kill your character after 3 weeks.

Year 7 Day 126 19:05
No, Bryce, actually they don't. They used to release characters after 3 weeks. Not sure if that's still occuring, though.


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Year 7 Day 128 9:58
Fanda Suba
Fanda Suba
then how chould i really need to be another charector because a bothen i think is a bad charector

Year 7 Day 128 18:19
As others have said, either fly into a sun or have your faction execute you. After that there is a three-week wait before you can log back in and use the 'create new character' link. This is to discourage players from killing off their characters every time they decide to try something else, as well as to account for future combat delays. However, that's your only choice if you want to switch to something else.



Year 7 Day 129 2:05
Fanda Suba
Fanda Suba