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Archives » why is my charcter icon blue?
Year 15 Day 348 11:37
my character icon turned from normal green to blue over night. everyone other character and vehicle icon is still green I just don't know why I'm blue and can't find an explanation in any forum. I don't know if it's good or bad or what.


~Agen Zur
Year 15 Day 348 12:32
Cait Catra
Cait Catra
Are there any characters, NPCs, items, droids etc in the square with you? If you dropped something not owned by you, for instance, your icon would turn blue, since that is the color used to show multiple IFF (icon) colors in one place.


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Year 15 Day 349 5:55
Blue would define anything not yours in the same spot as you. If it is just a blue person, that means someone else is in the square with you. If its a mixed entity icon, it could be an item, droid, NPC, ship, vehicle, really anything other than another character.


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Year 15 Day 349 8:48
yeah it's back to normal now I think that was it, thanx.


~Agen Zur