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Archives » Planning ahead: Personal Fleet
Year 15 Day 365 6:38
Seeing how squads currently work, I suppose this will be how ship squads will work. But using the Space Command skill instead of Infantry Command.
Which would mean that if you have Space Command:2, you will be able to have a fleet of 3 capital ships following you, each of which is it's own squad.

Are my hypothesis far fetched, or is this how things are going to be?

Edited By: Jaret Byar on Year 16 Day 3 0:27
Year 15 Day 365 8:13
I'm sure there will be a lot of tweaking and planning to do. 5 Space Command does not make it kosher to be rolling through people's shit with 5 Super Star Destroyers.

I am curious as to what the direction we're taking will lead us to in regards to Space Command, though.

Rumblings in other past threads (names of which escape me at the moment) are that Space Command & Vehicle Command will modify the total number of slots you can have in your squad, rather than allow you to command X extra remote squads of slotsize = 12 (like Ground Control).

The main reason I recall for the suggested difference was so that multiple SSDs/Cap ships won't all be pilotable as remote squads moving independently by One player. SSDs and other large Capital ships will be extremely-large slotsize such that you won't be able to pilot it without a high Space Command skill.

IMO that model of increasing SlotPool makes sense to me for vehicles/ships, but I'd kind of like to see a hybrid that permits you to use your extra Command skill to just increase the size of your party by some small amount OR field extra remote squads, but that's a suggestion so I'll throw that where the sun don't shineit's supposed to go, when it's time to suggest.

I don't recall that there were any publicized *this is what will happen* discussions though, so just as much speculation from me.

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Year 15 Day 365 13:22
Some ships will just be limited to one player controlled at any given time. The rest of the system hasn't been conclusively decided yet but could feasibly work just like infantry command otherwise. It'll just depend on how the implementation works out best, but it's not happening anytime soon.