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Archives » Faction dissolution question
Year 16 Day 1 12:50
Brand Malden
Brand Malden
So if a faction owns cargo containers full of items or droids, does it calculate the value of the things inside the container or does it just value each container at 488 credits? Someone pointed out to me that your net worth changes when you uncrate things, so I was wondering how it affects faction dissolution calculations.


Year 16 Day 2 14:42
While we're on the subject..

Does dissolution via bankruptcy have a timer or does the faction dissolve immediately?

Year 16 Day 2 14:55
The market doesn't distinguish between crate contents, so crates should all be valued as crates. If there is some special function to distinguish that specifically for dissolution, I'm sure a coder will correct me.

Bankruptcy dissolution occurs at the next 17:00 Combine time. If your faction bankrupts at 16:59, it will dissolve in one minute. If it bankrupts at 17:01, it will dissolve in 23 hours and 59 minutes.



Year 16 Day 2 23:05
That's weird as that could have a significant impact on faction value. It doesn't make much sense to just value it at a crate and nothing more.



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Year 16 Day 3 0:01
I thought I recalled hearing that that was some coding limitation. They always turn up on the market with the same base price.

In any case, Sel saw this thread and plans to look into the situation when he has time. He seems to think it is fixable, at least.

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