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Year 16 Day 2 23:10
Probably a dumb question but hey I'm curious.

Is there any possible way for one faction to "steal" another factions tech?

I mean this as in the following example.

GE holds factory X with GE only DC Y assigned to factory. NR captures factory X (after combat, I may be incorrect in thinking you can capture facilities correct me if I'm wrong). Does NR have control of that DC to be able to produce DC Y or can the GE just revoke it?

(This is in no way a suggestion, just curiosity)

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Year 16 Day 2 23:25
With current game mechanics, GE could revoke that DC at any time regardless of who owns the facility.


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Year 16 Day 3 1:48
However to answer the question, once a DC is assigned to a facility or station, anyone can then use it so long as they follow the appropriate restrictions for factions etc.


Year 16 Day 3 12:58
Thank you to you both



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Year 16 Day 4 6:19
I believe that actually happened awhile back. When ANG sold their space to the GE, a lot of the stations still had MC80 DCs that were assigned. The NR didn't revoke them, and the GE was able to build a bunch of MCs.



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Year 16 Day 5 1:39
Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
Wow.. That's like finding a winning lottery ticket in your happy meal..