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Year 16 Day 54 1:26
Is there a Sith faction?


"The Empire is my life."

Year 16 Day 54 1:31
Zrosh Echas
Zrosh Echas
I believe the Empire has the Sith as a secret organization thing. Could be others as well though, but not a pure Sith faction at last as I know of.


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Year 16 Day 54 6:11
Most factions that claim to be "sith" are short lived groups of people who want to be force sensitive but aren't, or are just a group of people who want to sound like they are more dangerous than they are. The Empire is the only group that I would consider as having a true sith group inside it.


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Year 16 Day 54 11:13
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
This still makes me laugh:

- Year 15 Day 187: The Sith Order was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.

Year 16 Day 54 11:48
Charlena Halo
Charlena Halo
Sith Master: "We will crush the Jedi under our heals and rule the galaxy!"

Sith Underling: "Uh, master...?"

Sith Master: "What is it toad?"

Sith Underling: "You remember those 500 cases of Corellian Brandy you ordered to celebrate our impending victory?"

Sith Master: "Yes, what about it?"

Sith Underling: "Well... It dried up our bank account and we're going out of business."

Sith Master: "Cursesi!!!"


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Year 16 Day 55 11:56