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Year 16 Day 57 4:40
Having trouble not receiving faction combat events...

The faction I lead is assigned manager to several stations and the TT-8L Sentry droids deployed within. However, we do not own either one of them. Should the droids still send notification? By the way, the owner of the stations is another faction and the droids are owned by an individual....

Year 16 Day 57 15:19
Not sure they're working properly at the moment; as of the last reports about them from a month ago, they only send notifications when you are actually on board the entity yourself, and factions would receive the notifications in their faction events.

Year 16 Day 57 16:18
I have a feeling they're entirely broken currently. I'm on my own personal ship with personally owned TT-8Ls that I've deployed and assigned to myself and they're not reporting any events when I move about the ship.

Year 16 Day 57 16:38
Unless this is just very recent, our TT-8L's have been notifying in faction events. Owned by faction on faction station.


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Year 16 Day 57 17:59
Ulrike, I'm not sure they actually report events for the person that owns (maybe assigned as well), presumably because you don't need events for yourself moving around. I know my sentries reported other people but not me.


Year 16 Day 57 19:31
88 Year 16 Day 17, 17:13 Bleep Bloop! The TT-8L Sentry Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss has sighted The Wrench Wench Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss leaving room Docking Bay (#6840) in the Hammerhead Cruiser {U.R.S} The Eden II. 

It was a while back prior to when it stopped reporting any events at all. So did they change it since then or did it just stop working for some reason for me? As well, I've been moving NPCs throughout my ship and they're not setting it off either even though:

1 Year 16 Day 27, 14:11 Bleep Bloop! The TT-8L Sentry Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss has sighted Varas Josto entering room Entrance/Exit (#6846) in the Hammerhead Cruiser {U.R.S} The Eden II. 

It had no problem reporting it on day 27. Pretty much since day 27 I haven't had a single event from them even though they're 1) assigned 2) deployed 3) I'm on the ship and 4) I know for a fact there's activity from me moving NPCs into and out of the rooms that the TT-8Ls are deployed in and me moving myself throughout the ship. Though, if I remember correctly I recently did reassign the TT-8Ls to myself because they got caught when i assigned other droids to someone else. Could that possibly be what's causing my issue?

Year 16 Day 58 19:44
Mine have always reported my own movement to me on my own facils and stations. They do however only send a report to their cmdr so maybe that's your issue?

Year 16 Day 58 20:40
I'm assigned to both manager and supervisor so I doubt that's the issue.

Year 16 Day 60 0:29

I asked Sims to look into this and sentry droids definitely work right now. There are some conditions that he may be able to outline more carefully, but they should work.


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Year 16 Day 122 6:53
Are the conditions that have to be met for the sentry droids to send notifications listed somewhere? I've been experiencing this problem too, thought they worked perfectly not long ago.

Year 16 Day 122 7:40
Charlena Halo
Charlena Halo
I would like to know that too. My TT-8-L lets me know when I enter and leave my ship, but it did not tell me when a friend entered and left my ship.


Year 16 Day 122 9:13
There's some wonkiness regarding Partied NPCs (no events at all); NPCs either in a squad or loose who were commanded to move past Sentry (No events); Event restrictions where there is a Commander for the Sentry (If commander is assigned, Owners don't get all messages properly, eg); NPCs in Squads who are 'following' a pc who is not the commander of the sentry will properly trigger events though.

From my testing so far and that of others, you're best off NOT having any commander for the Sentry at all. If you have a commander, it often Stops all events to the Owner (not sure if that's intended or not). Still gotta do some with Commander of Sentry = a faction. That (and the NPC wonkiness) is definitely what's causing what Ulrike is mentioning.

Ownership/Assignment of the Container the sentry is in should really only affect deployability, but I'll test that as well.

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