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Archives » Refund i bought for Mats from market fair?
I just received several notifications of a refund from the market labeled timeless. The thing is I bought those materials after they had expired on there auction period.
I.E. if you go to the market your see Duaracrete you can just buy. thats what i bought.

Zenon Bane


Basically all purchases were undone from the last two months due to the cheating issue, which includes some legitimate ones as it was impossible to tell the difference from the events. You'll probably be able to purchase them again now that the exploit was fixed, especially as if they didn't sell the first time it's unlikely they'd sell the second time. I don't know that Erek has any way to sort out legitimate ones by hand.

So... will the duracrete now be detracted from the facilities I allready built with? For instance... :P

Getting a bad feeling about this


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If it was used in construction it is already deleted and cannot be re-deleted.

To echo, if slightly modify, Syn's statement:

Legitimate purchases were weeded out as best as was possible; any remaining outliers will be neither researched nor repaired. There are a few entities that were traded away that we are still tracking down, so there may be a second wave of refunds and/or seizures. We thank you for your patience at this time.


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