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Year 16 Day 59 12:51
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Good morning,

I am after a few tips or the location of a guide (I haven't found one but there might be one) on how to generate income as a reasonably new starting player.

I am employed currently with a faction so that is sorted, I don't have much artistic flair (I have dabbled with ship customisation but nothing that I could sell - I'm just not that good) and just a couple of million credits from my first pay.

I haven't gone hunting yet (I believe you can make a few credits this way from loot) as my duties don't allow as yet.

I have started generating CP's so that is a long term option (Cashing in the CP for items and selling for 100% profit).

Is it basically a bit of a grind at the start until you have some credits to back you and then you can looking at your options? Should I be looking at physical locations to build some facilities / flats or things like this at this early point (not too many - just something to get started with) or it is a better strategy to be looking to produce and sell items with the deals you can achieve within your faction with reduced production costs.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice

Year 16 Day 59 17:30
Early on, your best bet might be to trade. Look to buy straight from the manufacturer if you can as they will/should have the cheapest prices. Then sell them on at higher prices.

Building facilities will probably be an issue for a new player as you need to negotiate space in a city to build which can be tricky. Then you have to organise materials to build along with a ship large enough to hold them and transport them.


Year 16 Day 60 2:10
Well, it is a bit of a grind if your sole purpose in SWC is to make money, but ideally if your faction is sufficiently fulfilling it shouldn't be such a big issue as you'll still be getting a regular salary, have a ship and gear to use, and something to do that hopefully isn't incredibly boring.

Many factions are paying 2-4m a month these days and often they have active faction forums where you can post and buy/sell from faction members who may be willing to give you particularly good deals. Producing is great if you can do it, but the same issue applies that Ellias pointed out with facilities: you need materials and the facilities/shipyards to produce in.

Trading is a good option if you can find good deals, but networking is probably the easiest route. Many people help new players out a great deal. Let your faction know you're trying to get started trading or whatever your specific goal is, and make some friends who will help you out.



Year 16 Day 60 2:43
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Thanks for the advice.

I have some business goals I would like to explore but to start I need some credits behind me to setup.

I'll continue with exploring trading options then.


Year 16 Day 60 7:25
Charlena Halo
Charlena Halo
If you can save up enough money to buy something like a Bryal, BFF-1, or YV-666, you could look at going freelance. There's always stuff to haul, and people will pay good money for it.


Year 16 Day 61 0:43
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Thanks Charlena

Year 16 Day 61 0:55
Loucina Al-Muzzum
Loucina Al-Muzzum
Meet new people and become friends with them... Join a GOOD faction who actually cares about their employees and takes care of them, its rare now adays. Most are considered pawns simply put...

If you want I can give you tips and help with trading, shoot me a DM.


"Education and armor, Self-defense, our tribe, Our language, our leader- All help us survive."
Year 16 Day 61 3:53
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Thanks Loucina :)

Year 16 Day 61 8:05
One more thing you could do, if you're on a lot, is try your hand at hunting. It requires a small investment in hiring NPCs and equipping them with weapons, but some item drops from bandit NPCs and creature eggs once sold can nudge you far enough ahead in one go to get that freighter Charlena was talking about.

(Just don't try to take down a Rancor with NPC shop blasters. The outcome won't be good.)


Year 16 Day 62 0:53
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Thank you all for your help.