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Archives » Planet Morale, and general planet stat help me please
Loucina Al-Muzzum
Loucina Al-Muzzum
I'll keep it short. I suck at math, and somewhat... slow with math. All these equations for planetary stats, baffle and daze me.. I really need help. Please...

Planet X (Also stats are slowlying getting better, I mean slowly)has

Civilisation Level: 15.8
Morale: 75.59
Crime: 15.96
Employment rate: 0.92411

Bob the builder wishes to build 10 or so cities on planet X. He wishes atleast 5 production cities out of the 10 or so.

What can he build on the remaining cities, to make stats better? What can he build to make FI from?

Rather have cheaper production cost then FI if that matters.


"Education and armor, Self-defense, our tribe, Our language, our leader- All help us survive."
The employment rate is a tad low for facility income, so I'd suggest raising that.

You'll want morale higher and crime lower in order to lower your production costs.

A) To increase ER, build more jobs to compensate for the high flats (planet should have jobs-to-flats ratio of 1.0-2.0 for best income, preferably 1.5.

B) To increase morale, build parks, fountains, statues, hospitals, chapels, churches, temples, cathedrals, palaces, alazhi farms, research centres, computer control centres, conference centres, command centres or government houses.

C) To reduce crime, build civic centres, barracks, prisons, statues, fountains, casinos, crew quarters, council flats, conference centres, command centres, government houses, palaces or holonet communications centres.

(Hint: you could increase morale and reduce crime by building facilities present on both of the lists found on B & C.)

Very few of those facilities will produce income, though, and you'll need to take into account how mass constructing those facilities might affect the employment rate.