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Year 16 Day 67 13:37
Samael Sinclair
Samael Sinclair
Every time I do Construction, my computer gets EXTREMELY laggy and sluggish. Whatever cookies the Google ads are loading is really messing up my computer. Could someone please install an option to block ad cookies? I'd rather not waste several minutes in between building pages just so the stupid ad to connect to Google, Facebook, and numerous other sites. All I'm interested is in SWC! I don't want my computer connecting and waiting on multiple other sites that I'm not even interested in.


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Year 16 Day 67 14:22
I'm not sure that's an option with third-party ad software; most of us use an AdBlock browser addon to avoid the whole situation so I would highly recommend that for you if it is the ads causing you problems (or if you just don't want to see ads by default).



Year 16 Day 67 15:00
Dargah Sheikha
Dargah Sheikha
Most browsers allow you to select accepting only cookies from the visited site and not from third parties, check it out in options/preferences in case that helps...


Year 16 Day 68 5:40
Also, if it only happens when you're doing construction, it might not be the ads that slow down your browser, but the construction page itself (it might use a bit more javascript, which is handled by your browser, not the server, than other SWC pages).