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Year 16 Day 72 22:14
I can't log in the chat, been a while since i've played, How do I know if i have it blocked or what.


Year 16 Day 73 7:58
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
What does it say?


Year 16 Day 78 18:26
doesn't say anything but just loading.

Connecting to server...

[ ]

all i get.

Year 16 Day 78 18:36
You were just connected for a while so this seems to be working.. If you are having problems with a specific client, please provide more information such as which client isn't connecting, and what server address and port you are using.



Year 16 Day 79 1:21
I have to go under mirc to get in the chat, as an update. I can log in with my phone and go to the chat with out mirc straight from the website. I have no idea what is going on. I rather use swc link than mirc...

Year 16 Day 79 1:28
Connect logs have shown you repeatedly connecting successfully using the website link today (you even autojoined a channel and sat there for a few hours and your whois and version info was Mibbit), so I'm guessing the full applet just isn't loading properly in your browser even though it's working. Make sure you have scripts (javascript specifically) enabled in your browser. You should also check if you can get it to load fully in another browser just to confirm that the issue is browser-specific.

Edited By: Syn on Year 16 Day 79 1:28


Year 16 Day 79 1:51
Chat Now
Choose a nickname

Chat provided by Mibbit

okay going sign in this way right now @ 2:49am

Year 16 Day 79 1:53
still says Connecting to server...

I download the java getting rid of the old one.

Year 16 Day 79 1:57
still loading, it sucks i gotta go through mirc, and which it expires in 25 days and i have pay 20 dollars to chat... wtf

Year 16 Day 79 2:02
You can keep using mirc after the expiration period ends; it will just pop up a window to click past (or download a slightly older version, as at some point the windows were less annoying to click past).

You tried it in a different browser? Which ones have been not loading for you? Can you provide a screenshot? You're not providing any useful information for troubleshooting.



Year 16 Day 79 2:08
all i get is conncet to servor than choose nickname, going try firefox as we speak. downloading now.

Year 16 Day 80 0:18
firefox didn;t work [pissed] still gotta go through mirc... someone help. I even went into setting and disable java and enable it back.

Year 16 Day 80 0:55
The applet uses javascript, not java. Can you screenshot the page after you try to connect so we can see what is happening?



Year 16 Day 80 6:21
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
If you are using mirc I would say just stay with it. There are free ones as well I use Hex Chat. The web apps are not all that great imo


Year 16 Day 80 14:05
You were chatting on IRC the other day, I don't see how it didn't work.

Year 16 Day 80 14:51
I was on mric. But on my phone I can get in chat from web

Year 16 Day 80 16:44
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
They have IRC apps for the phone


Year 16 Day 81 2:19
i don't need a app to use the irc chat from this website. I have to use mirc to chat on my laptop.

Year 16 Day 81 6:57
Using a client is better than using the webiste IRC, so I would stick with mIRC.

Year 16 Day 81 10:14
No idea what's going on anyway without the previously requested screenshot.



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