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Archives » How To Correctly Show Proof W/ Random.Org
Step 1: Use an image editing software that allows for the easiest editing, such as Lightshot (downloaded at Prntscr.Com or Gyazo (Google-able but I don't use it so go find out about it for yourself ^_- ).

Step 2: After you have this installed, take the screenshot (PrntScr button on your keyboard of course).

Step 3: Use the rectangular feature to separately highlight both the part that shows the number you generated out of what to what, and also the time and date section at the bottom right (or top right depending on your computer type).

Purpose of the Expansion: To make it so it is impossible for people in the gambling hut thread to simply screenshot every result from 1 to whatever pleases them and post whichever screenshot for whichever number the gambling thread host wants to make a particular user win. I'm not saying anyone's doing this. The thought occurred to me that this is possible and it's definitely worth about five more minutes of Gambling Hut thread owners' time to at least consider using this to ensure people know what time they took the screenshot at. Make sense? I hope so.

Example Pics:


I'm sure there's a way to do blocking out any unwanted sections of the image more artistically, but this is a utilitarian tutorial designed to help gambling hut thread owners make themselves look more reputable.

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something,


((Sorry if this is in the wrong section. It is a guide above all. :/ ))

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Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
I am not sure why this is in the general questions section


^ is supposed to be a guide and isn't IC to the point where it's relevant in Gambling Hut. The only other place I see that I could feasibly have posted this is in General Talk but that just seems too conversational rather than instructive.

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I think Trader's Lounge would likely be seen as the best place for this, but to be honest I doubt anyone would need a tutorial on how to take screenshots... Who knows, though.

Easiest method: puush it.



How does the time a screenshot was taken indicate whether or not someone manipulated random.org until they got the results they wanted?

IMO the only way to ensure fairness is to have a middle draw for you.

All kinds of screenshots are "easy" to fake as well. Some are harder than others to do, but any decent digital artist can make them look right. Just use someone the community trusts to do draws.


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Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Selatos should we tell them how you can edit the web pages html right in the web browser and take a screeny of? >.>


Nooo, that would make it too easy!

Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
At some point, we have to just trust each other. The results can be faked many different ways. Is cheating on raffle drawings even an issue? If it's something you're worried about, I'd suggest - like Neria mentioned - that you only buy raffles drawn by a middle.