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Year 16 Day 79 12:22
It has been a long time since I have played. Before my Hiatus, I bought a small ship. Now I am trying to find where to pick it up. It is listed at Factory {FA} N1(0,0)(1,15) (#1755082). I know how to find specific planets but .. where the heck is this? And how can I enter it into the galactic map to find it's location?


Listen to those engines purr.
Year 16 Day 79 12:34
Victor O`Cuinn
Victor O`Cuinn
If it is inside the factory that means it is docked. If you are not assigned to the factory you will not see the coords. Also you will not be able to enter the factory to get your ship. I would contact the person you bought the ship from and ask for the location and to be added to crewlist so you can retrieve your ship.



Year 16 Day 79 13:18
Darn. It has been to long since I bought it from CenterPoint Station. All the records of ownership change are gone and they didn't leave any feedback to follow. Is there any way I can find who owns the factory to ask permission?


Listen to those engines purr.
Year 16 Day 79 13:32
You have to find out in-game; the admins don't provide information for these things. Your best bet is to make a post in the Traders Lounge forum to ask. You'll see plenty of other "looking for owner" threads asking similar things.