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Year 16 Day 81 4:37
Why is it that you cannot load unassigned entities from your ship to another?

When trying to transfer ships or vehicles, that I do not have access to, from inside my ship to another of my ships, I get the following error:

An error occured: No access to dock, must be on crewlist, pilot, commander, owner or open to all. 

So unless I obtain access, those entities are stuck inside my ship for all time? Note that these are already inside my ship and should just be a tractor beam away from being moved.

I don't recall this always having been the case and there's no mention of it in the sync reports (I searched back to the end of Y13), but a few people I've asked said that it was changed. I can only think about how pirates used to dock fighters/freighters and then transfer them to a starport. This seems to be a similar situation to how the unboarding from a docked entity rules were modified without anyone bothering to announce it.


Year 16 Day 81 6:57
The problem is that you need to be on the crewlist or pilot/commander/owner of the ships you want to load INTO the other ship.

If you just want them out of your current ship, you should be able to simply unload them, but as long as you don't have access to those ships, you won't be able to load them INTO the other ship.

tl;dr: you can't load ships that you don't have access to, but you can unload them

Year 16 Day 81 7:39
Right, but I'm pretty confident that that rule did not exist in the past. I do not want to release these ships into open space because they're docked for a reason. That being said, I've also got 146 vehicles inside a ship that cannot land...meaning that they are absolutely stuck because I cannot jettison them into space.

Unless I jettison them into space (completely defeating the purpose of them being docked) or get access to them, they're stuck inside the ships they're docked on? Tractor beams don't work because I'm not on an electronic crewlist?

This rule doesn't seem to make sense.


Year 16 Day 81 8:57
It does make sense from the coding and rule standpoint, namely that you can only load entities that you have access to.

From the server's point of view, that's exactly what you're doing, you are loading the ships/vehicles into a ship and it doesn't matter where they were before, as long as the position is the same.

Year 16 Day 83 21:28
Thomas, have you tried docking a smaller ship that you have access to inside the larger ship that the vehicles are on right now, and “pushing” the vehicles into that ship?

i'm thinking of something like a Herald-Class Shuttle (Light Freighter) or a Simiyiar Light Freighter, both of which have hangar bays for loading vehicles, and are slightly smaller than a Horizon.

Or you can try docking your bigger ship inside some other entity, like a space station, and offloading the vehicles there.

Those are the best possibilities I can imagine.

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Year 16 Day 83 21:56
What difference would docking a receiving ship make? I would figure that you still cannot transfer unassigned entities, regardless of where the receiving ship is.

And for the second suggestion, the ship is too massive for any space station to hold >.>


Year 16 Day 83 22:05
I'm just guessing that the hangup may be in not having access to a targeted and accessible offload location, as opposed to not having access to the unowned vehicles.

If you were on the surface (which your ship can't get to), then the default offload target is the surface.

With a second ship onboard, and one that has a hangar bay, that *might* substitute as an offload location.

It's worth a try, especially if there are few other alternatives. As they say in bridge, "If there's only one way to win a hand, that's the way to play it."

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Year 16 Day 84 3:40
I didn't read the previous posts, so if someone else mentioned it, ignore me.

You always had to have access to do this, I don't remember a time when you didn't. Plus as far as I could tell, you always had to have the same access for what you are moving and for what is being moved.

As in, it wasn't enough to have access to the vehicle from crewlist while being pilot of the target ship. For some reason, it only worked as pilot of both. Maybe that changed, or I been doing it wrong, but I remember I had to be constantly assigning myself pilot to everything.

Only way to remove those things I guess is to undock them, instead of transfer.


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Year 16 Day 84 13:55
I haven't tested it, but maybe try assigning owner of the unassigned entities to crewlost on the load-to ship. I'm thinking maybe the unassigneds are treated like npcs in that respect.

Just a random thought.