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Year 16 Day 83 10:51
I am new to the Combine, so forgive me if I am beating a dead horse, but I had some questions and I could not find answers. My goal is to better understand how to train, equip, use, and sell NPCs.

First, in my research I found mention of an NPC Leveling Chart which supposedly gave time tables for how long it took to train NPCs to certain levels, but clicking on the link returned a result of "No such thread." I was wondering if anyone had this or something similar that would help me figure out how long it would take to train my NPCs. The link is found in this thread: http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=48575&page=0

Second, what are the most sought after NPC races for riflemen and melee troops? I seem to recall mention of Abyssians being sought after, but that they were controlled by the Empire. What other NPC races are considered most valuable, and yet still reachable by your average Joe?

Year 16 Day 83 11:36
Charlena Halo
Charlena Halo
Two things to look for is the race multiplier and where the starting skills are distributed. The higher the multiplier, the higher the strength (and health points) will be. If you also make sure you get a race with starting skills in the general category like strength or dexterity, this will help too.

As for training, the best way I found is to have them patrol in a city you or a trusted friend own. This will give them XP to level up. It might take them a few months, but if you can at least get them up to level 5-6, they should be able to survive combat where you can quickly increase their XP.

Some good races that I know of:

There are more, but you should get the idea.

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Year 16 Day 83 14:47
A rough estimation (based on personal experience) is 1000 XP for 11 days of patrol if at least a NPC has a Speed of 0 (10 days and maybe 20 hours).

The rate is defined by the minimum Speed of the Squad and the patrol circuit. I find that between two patrols, the NPC rest. So if you make small patrols (for example, 2 points next to each other) they'll rest more often and the rate will drop.

But again, it's only from my own experience and I'm far from a veteran here.