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Year 16 Day 90 13:51
Akatar Lazura
Akatar Lazura
I've been looking through the Rules some, and I was wondering? Does Health affect your chances of being Arrested? Or is that something being worked on?


Shadows guide you.
~ Akatar
Year 16 Day 90 14:09
As far as I'm aware it doesn't *currently*. I've seen it suggested that it might when ever the A/E rules get rewritten.

Year 16 Day 90 14:11
Health does not play any role in arrest & execute, though your health is directly modified by your strength skill (which is used for arrest).

Ulrike, I don't believe arrest is ever going to be rewritten as it should be replaced with combat.


Year 16 Day 90 14:16
Like I said, Tomas, I'm going off of some suggestions on how A/E should work. I recall someone saying that they *might* keep A/E in some form post combat except for have it as an option only if someone has hit the blackout point. Of course I could be remembering horribly wrong :p

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Year 16 Day 90 14:52
The ability to arrest will still exist, just in a different way than it is currently implemented.

Year 16 Day 90 15:03
The tentative plan as it has been posted a few times is that you'll need to beat someone down to 1hp prior to arresting, so that addresses this exact question. :)

Part of the purpose of this is so you need to deliberately make the choice to make a kill shot versus capturing your enemy; Zhao had previously expressed that he wants character kills to be deliberate choices made by other players so your npcs can't accidentally kill someone you wanted to capture. He wanted character death to be valued enough that it wouldn't be something that happens due to accidental or random factors. The recoding of black holes to work like suns and be routed around automatically was a step in this direction for the same reason.

Again, this is all subject to change depending on implementation needs but that's been the plan so far.

The current implementation has already been correctly described by Ulrike and Tomas.

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Year 16 Day 90 16:15
Akatar Lazura
Akatar Lazura
That sounds like exactly what I was wanting to know, and hear. :D


Shadows guide you.
~ Akatar