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Year 16 Day 92 16:05
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
Alright, this seems like the most ignorant question to ask but I've been off the game for the past 3 and half years and have recently come back, and all I've done since was artwork.

What's going on in Derra? From what I gathered that's where everyone is currently at, fighting one another? When I left we could fight creatures, so Derra is the testing ground for PvP combat? What are the options there besides PvP and how are the A/E rules are applied there?

Another question, if I wish to come to Derra and see this for myself, what would I need to fundamentally have? A squad of NPCs equipped with armour and weapons, riflemen, grenadiers, scouts, other military-based NPCs, all are working as intended?

NPCs gain XP from those combat kills, and are maxed at lvl 10 if I'm correct, what would be the best way to train your NPC squad?
Last thing, I understood PCs can't die, but NPCs can?

Thanks in advance, just trying to catch up with the game.



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Year 16 Day 92 16:43
Yep, on Derra you can fight other players, but you can only beat them down to 1 HP, so you can't actually kill there. It is a testing zone. :) You can, however, kill their creatures, droids, and NPCs, so be careful.

Other Derra conditions include: ship movement on the surface is disallowed, so once you descend to the surface, you would need to ascend again if you wish to move your ship.

A/E is not permitted in the system at all. Since Derra itself is Darkness-controlled, the surface is safe, but capturing players in orbit or on board your own ship is not permitted because the primary purpose of the zone is for testing.

The system is explained IC via the Derra Virus, which an admin GNS post a few years back revealed to be a virus contained within the system that causes locals and visitors to become particularly hostile towards each other (attempts to cure the virus led to the accidental release of the Metamorphosis Plague, which was the handwavey explanation for the galaxy-wide race changes permitted about two years ago).

As to what you should have: I would advise not bringing anything you don't want to lose. From the sounds of it, players have NPC squads patrolling around the surface, so as soon as you unboard a ship, odds are you'll have numerous squads attacking you and your assets automatically.

The best way to train an NPC squad is combat against creatures that can't retaliate (creatures with 0 for their attack values like nerfs, or creatures that are at a distance where the NPCs can reach them but not vice versa). The safest way to train an NPC squad is simply to patrol it. NPCs do max at level 10.

For more information on hunting in general and some discussion of tactics, I'd also suggest the Hunting Guide. Much of that information can be applied to Derra as well.

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Year 16 Day 93 16:05
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
Thanks for your help Syn, very thorough. :)



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