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Year 16 Day 94 12:01
Hello everyone,

There was a game in the gambling hut a few months ago that ended very abruptly; actually I believe the last round was never completed or credits reimbursed. I plan on running a similar game of the same name.

My question is are there any rules or qualms others may have against that? I would ask the Jawa himself for permission but I don't remember his name. He seemingly disappeared anyway so I'm not sure if contacting him would get me anywhere.


Year 16 Day 94 12:22
Don't see why you would not be allowed to play a similar game, so. Knock yourself out ^-^


Year 16 Day 94 14:26
Generally-speaking, the style of games done in the Gambling Hut are not invented by those running it, so those who ran such a game in the past don't have a claim of exclusivity. (EG Credit Chicken, Raffles, Lotteries, Casino/Card Games, Flip-a-Coin, etc.)

If it was a branded game (like oh.. The Grid, The Vault, Krieg's Run, Rancor Riding, etc.) I would do what you did, look for the previous owner of the game, contact them if you can & settle any outstanding issues. I would probably re-brand my version of the game as well, just to ensure there's no brand confusion, unless the older Owner gives permission. Probably a good idea to distance yourself from said Jawa anyway, if he indeed did not reimburse and just vanished. 'Course, he's probably on the Scammer's list if he did that.

I ran Jackpot Credit Chicken, Pazaak, etc. in the past, and probably will again once I have a little more time, but really competition was never my concern when I ran them, just ensuring each game was not confuse-able with the other. Have fun, and do your best to help others have fun, too!