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Year 16 Day 108 10:26
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
I recently learned that the reason we don't allow custom scripting of lost soul NPCs is to protect the player from having his previous character RPed in a way he/she doesn't like. (Either that, or the reason really is "Because we said so"; I find it hard to interpret Mikel's sarcasm some times.)

This protection is completely new to me. I thought we relinquished all rights to our character when we dropped, and that having a previous character RPed in an unwanted way was part of the risk we took by dropping as opposed to getting killed. I would like to get some clarification as to how far this RP protection goes and if it applies to the forum, GNS and IRC as well as Darkness.

Example: My previous character, let's call him "Gorgo", is now owned by my previous employer, let's call him "Mr. X", and Gorgo is being sodomized on a daily basis. Mr. X taunts me on IRC with all the unspeakable acts he is performing on my poor previous character, and he even says that Gorgo likes it!

My questions are:
- Has Mr. X the right to RP sodomizing my previous character?
- Has Mr. X the right to RP Gorgo liking it?

My guess is that Mr. X, as the owner of the lost soul NPC, has the right to do whatever he wants with him physically, but that the "no custom scripting" rule denies Mr. X the right to put any words in his mouth (ie. he can put his junk in Gorgo's mouth, but can't force Gorgo to say he likes it).

Thank you for your attention to this totally serious situation.

Edit: Name changed by request.

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Year 16 Day 108 10:53
This type of RP is generally unsupervised. If you own an NPC you can RP them alongside you, but with NPCs that were once characters there may be content that you would not be allowed to post on their holocron page or in a scenario. That includes inappropriate content. If the player who previously had that character has an objection to something specific you are doing with the NPC, they have the option to bring the complaint to a holocron admin or scenario moderator (whatever is appropriate) and it would be addressed on a case by case basis. There is no definitive answer because there has traditionally been a hands off approach to RP issues, but at the same time there is a potential for valid complaints. Complaints need to be considered on a case by case basis. There is no blanket answer here.

Year 16 Day 116 17:50
Deleted Post
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Year 16 Day 116 18:00
Deleted Post
Lexor Gregain
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Year 16 Day 116 18:51
If you are alluding to something from your own character's perspective alone, then it is always okay because you aren't even RPing the other character in question. If you, as your own character, say to someone else in an RP, "..and then I sodomized Gorgo, and boy, did he like it!" that's perfectly fine because your character can say what he wants regardless of veracity. It's a pretty good net to fall back on if you aren't sure whether there would be any complaints about something. You can include things like that on the Holocron or scenarios as well with phrasing such as "According to Jax Azenforth, his captor, Gorgo underwent such-and-such treatment and seemed to like it."

Year 16 Day 116 19:50
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
I agree, but my question wasn't really about someone alluding to a situation. Anyone can of course say whatever they want, be it truth or a lie. What I meant by "Has Mr. X the right to RP Gorgo liking it?" was more of an inquiry into how far a lost soul can be RPed, and when it crosses a boundary with regard to lost soul RP protection. An example would be Mr. X logging on IRC as Gorgo and RPing him. I think this already goes against the impersonation rules, so I'm fairly sure that wouldn't be allowed. Another example would be if Mr. X made a Holocron page about Gorgo, or RPing him in a Scenario, and describing him in a way that goes against my wishes. In that case, like Syn stated, I could bring the matter up with an admin or moderator.

Year 16 Day 117 2:09
Just my opinion here, but I'd say its less about if the previous owner of the NPC doesn't like it because lets be frank, they can just decide they don't like anything at all, and more about RPing something highly inappropriate and/or going against established RP of that character.

The scenario described in the first post for example, I'd see as falling into the inappropriate category. In cases like that, it would be fairly obvious Mr.X is doing it on purpose just to spite you, it sound close to harassment. That is when I would file a complaint to admins.

That said, if lets say Mr.X posts some RP post somewhere which mentions Gorgo being in uncomfortable place, like abusive prison or something, there might be less ground for complaint because they can in theory put the NPC wherever they want, but at the same time, probably no valid reason for Mr.X to post such stuff.

Other scenario where I'd see some reason to complain to admins would be if someone would be entirely re-writing holocron of a character to change the character's history and/or RP somewhere with the character in a way that contradicts the established history. But again this would all likely depend on what degree of established RP your character had. Extensive Holocron page could have more grounds to complain than a very brief page. For characters without a Holocron page (or some other wiki), the extant of their known impact on the galaxy might be deciding factor.

From what has been posted before me, it doesn't sound like admins have the same approach as with IC scamming and stealing, where players can do those things simply because they can and nobody cares. So if you'd feel like Mr.X is being offensive and/or harassing you, I'd complain.

Can't think of another scenario right now where it would "cross the boundary".

Not sure how it would be handled if I was going to expand on some NPC's history to continue their history, not in any inappropriate way, and then its previous player would show up complaining to admins I am doing anything with their previous char without their permission. Which could be hard to get in the first place since some change characters quite often.


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