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Year 6 Day 59 11:46
I have created my character and joined a faction, but have not yet selected a starting location. How can I see what my options are, and what criteria should I use to decide where to start?


Year 6 Day 59 13:40
You should be able to set your starting position when you go to the 'Position' link on your right-hand menu. Your options will be limited, and will depend on your race and faction.

Typically it does not matter where you start, since you can be transported from anywhere by your faction (there isn't much to do on planets anyway), but it would probably be easier if you contact your faction to find out what would be most convenient for them.

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Year 6 Day 59 13:54
Ok, thank you. Yeah it turns out I only had 1 option of where to start, so the choice was easy! :)

I see several NPC's in the city around me... is it worthwhile to talk to them all?


Year 6 Day 59 14:18
Davsk Carvalm
Davsk Carvalm
Some of the Tutorial NPCs can teach you stuff about the game, talking to them might be useful.
The other guys are inactive players, just curse them a bit for fun. :)

Year 6 Day 59 15:33
not all have to be inactive players or NPC tutors. There are several different types of NPCs. Everything from NPCs just standing there doing nothing to healers and brawlers


would i get my butt kicked if i picked a fight with a brawler being such an inexperienced character? or are they a low level foe?


They're typically fairly low-level, but don't worry about it - even if you're losing to one, it will stop before it kills you, so you can't die. (: Same as if you defeat it; it declares you victor and essentially surrenders before dying so that it can be used again.

I see. Thank you.
Oh I have another question about the game controls. In the links on the right hand side of the screen, my Inventory Items category says Disabled. Do you know why that is? Should I be concerned about it, and what do I need to do is enable it?

Thanks a lot for your help mates!


Nothing to worry about - items have not yet been implemented. Once they are, that section will automatically be enabled.

Year 6 Day 61 21:10

test post

Year 6 Day 61 21:18

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Siba Nootle
Siba Nootle
There is no facility where you may start.
Please report to the Combine Tech Support.
Error message: No possible starting location for character Siba Nootle.

This is the message I got. Do I need to join a faction first or what?

Siba Nootle
Siba Nootle
Don't worry bout that, problem fixed. :D