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Year 16 Day 119 20:35
Is there a pre-combat plan to deal with property clogging up planets that belongs to long-inactive players, like a X-year timer for facilities to be turned over to the planetary government, go NPC, or something?

Year 16 Day 119 20:50
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Target Practice


Year 16 Day 119 22:59

Year 16 Day 119 23:00
Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
"target practice" means no

Year 16 Day 120 19:13
The admins wont add a way for you to just take over property because someone couldn't log in for a long period, its not overly fair (yet).


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Year 16 Day 121 10:03
I recognize that, but say someone has been inactive for 5 years or more, and they shielded a planet that they partially owned so now the other owners cannot access their property and the shields have a 0% chance of being lowered util combat which in still only pending....

Can anything be done?

(( I have a specific example in mind. If an admin would like to DM to discuss the particular matter further))

Year 16 Day 121 10:26
No, nothing can be done, and nothing will be implemented in order to do anything about it prior to combat. Considering that it's an intended feature to be able to deny people access to your land, it wouldn't be fair to force someone's hand while they are inactive, when it can't be confirmed that they would be okay with granting that access. At best an e-mail could be sent to the individual in question to prompt them to log in and help.

Year 16 Day 122 9:35
Very reasonable. thank you very much