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Year 7 Day 131 22:59
Krys Johnson
Krys Johnson
hi i just started and have found that my premade charecter is not wat i wanted so i was wondering if i could change my race plz and if i can how

Year 7 Day 132 1:48
You can't change your race. You'd have to get killed, wait the three weeks for the death respawn, and then create a new character.


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Year 7 Day 132 1:49
Hexx Harpy
Hexx Harpy
You cannot. You are stuck with what you have chosen.
Your only option is to die, by flying into a sun or by having a faction (e.g. your own faction) execute you.
If you die, you must wait 3 weeks before you can make a new character.

Edit: oops sorry for the redundant post, happened almost simultanously.

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Year 7 Day 132 15:55
I do not recomend flying into the sun with someone elses ship then your privatelly own one.