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Year 16 Day 122 12:12
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
Hi there,

Noticed that a squad of my NPCs that do not have MSPs equipped are sharing sensors and showing me their visual range, they only have armour and a weapon equipped, is this a bug or am I missing something?

I have 2 squads patrolling in this area, one squad has a scout with an MSP equipped so I can see what they can see, just not sure why the squad without the MSP is also sharing sensors.

Year 16 Day 123 2:09
Sensors and all that is really weird and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.


Year 16 Day 123 8:44
Seems to share with all your entities as long as you have an MSP



Year 16 Day 123 12:20
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
Yeah seems that way, should I report this to the bug base in order for someone to take a deeper look and potentially fix it? Always nice for existing features to be working as intended before new stuff is brought in.

Right now it basically means there is no reason to own more than 1 MSP.

Year 16 Day 123 15:05
Might be best to check with sel to determine how he wants it to work. Vision will probably see a fair bit of additional coding anyway for IFF fixing.



Year 16 Day 124 9:34

Yeah vision will be reworked entirely. I haven't fully considered how it should work so I can't say what is right and wrong yet. For now just enjoy it, I suppose, because bug fixing something that we're tossing out soon is not worth it.


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