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Archives » What happened to the terrain/travel tooltips?
It used to be when I hovered over terrain squares, after a little while a tooltip appeared by the cursor to show the coordinates, or in the case of planet it's name, or in the case of creatures how many creatures there were. This stopped not that long ago.

Did it get broken in the latest sync or is it another browser thing? (I use Chrome, for which the event alerts haven't been working for some time either.) And if it's that; any browser suggestions?

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Hayley SwiftFighter
Hayley SwiftFighter
I use Chrome for my browser and on my computer I have no issues with being able to hover my cursor over a spot on the map and am able to see the coordinates and what is there. I am outside on a planet and just tested it so it works on my end. On mobile however it is a little bit more finicky.


I use Firefox at home and it has no issues. Doesn't really work on phone so I ignore it. It does sometimes take a bit longer to load lately than it used to, though, but it still works. Maybe some addon or setting is blocking it for you? Or you could always try a browser reinstall. In general I've had fewer issues with Firefox than Chrome for swc, but I doubt this is specifically because of Chrome. 90% of the time both work fine every time.



Ah nevermind, it's resolved. A browser reinstall didn't do anything, but clearing the cache seems to have fixed the tooltips. I have no idea what these two things have to do with one another, but whatever...

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Possibly could have been referencing an old javascript include or something.