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Year 16 Day 139 20:10
Nefrem Wolf
Nefrem Wolf
Ive been wondering, when you hunt with droids do they take xp like NPCs?

Year 16 Day 139 20:43
Year 16 Day 139 20:48
Droids versus NPCs

- Must be paid wages in most cases
- Must be issued equipment
+ Can gain experience and higher skills
+ Can simply be hired on any planet and most stations
+ Auto-heal (Hitpoints)

+ Only have to be paid for once (production)
+ Come with standard weapons packages
+ Can count as passengers or cargo
- Can not gain xp and have limited skills
- Must be produced and require materials/time/effort
- Must be repaired

Year 16 Day 139 22:04
NPCs only auto-heal at the 10% tick each day at 17:00, just like all entities with HP (including the enemies you fight). Otherwise they need to be healed with medical supplies. Droids also have the bonus of shield regen at a rate of 2% every hour, for droid types with shields, and in general have higher hull/defenses than NPCs as they are approximately balanced against high level NPCs due to their inability to level.

They are overpriced IC, however, as they are intended to be a bit more disposable than NPCs (especially the cheaper ones), but that's entirely controlled by the players in-game.

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Year 16 Day 140 12:56
Nefrem Wolf
Nefrem Wolf
Cool Tyvm for the info this is very helpful :)