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Archives » Accuracy & Dual Wielding Penalties
How exactly are accuracy penalties/bonuses applied? The 50% penalty to accuracy to the secondary weapon from dual wielding essentially divides the hit threshold by 2, correct (Reducing a 72 to 36, instead of just subtracting 50 to get 22)? Are there any other penalties or bonuses implemented yet?

And just for a little bit of clarification, the rules state that the hit roll must be less than the threshold specified in the table. Is this "less than or equal to" or only "less than"?

The other half of the dual wielding penalty is the 50% damage reduction. Does that get applied after damage is rolled, or does it scale down the min and max damage like the (1+skill/10) modifier? Similarly, are critical hits immune to the penalty as they "always deal 1.5 times the max weapon damage" or are they reduced, as well?

Offhand attacks have their threshold divided by 2.

It's simply less than,

Damage reduction is applied at the end. Similarly, critical hits are halved.