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Year 16 Day 143 1:50
Nefrem Wolf
Nefrem Wolf
Can planets and asteroids be found in deep space?

Year 16 Day 143 3:43
Not as far as I'm aware.

Year 16 Day 143 7:05
Darian Dash
Darian Dash
All the newly implemented planets/systems will technically be hidden in deep space until someone enters the system then you have 7 days to secure control before everyone else knows.


Year 16 Day 143 8:45
With the exception of finding new hidden systems, as Darian mentioned (and which can be literally anywhere inside a sector), you can't find asteroids or planets in deep space. This is because "deep space" in the Combine is, in programming terms, the absence of a system. We don't have any method to implement "rogue planetoids", so every one has to be inside of a defined system.

Year 16 Day 143 20:02
Yea, as said above. It's simply a contradiction in terms. You can go to what you think is a deep space coord and find a previously unfound system containing planets or asteroids. Then it is no longer deep space as you have revealed the system.

Year 16 Day 144 10:37
Dratt Darkstar
Dratt Darkstar
Not really true. The programmers could easily place the Asteroid-type Wrecks in deep space.

Also what happens if someone comes across an Asteroid Hideout Station, would it not look like an asteroid on the map?

Year 16 Day 144 11:33
Planetoids can't be placed in deep space. Asteroid hideouts are simply hidden via ECM, if you can actually see them with your sensors they actually show up as asteroid hideouts.